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7 things about “How technology has changed Human Resource Management”

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According to governance theory, an enterprise’s infrastructure includes 4 important elements: People, Processes, Organizational Structure, and Technology. 

When one of these four factors changes, the other factors will influence and change accordingly creating a new equilibrium for the business. 

The Technology trend is increasingly present in life and business. 

Human resource management is one of the four key components mentioned above that will change a lot in the coming time under the impact of technologies. 

Technology will change the core of Human Resource Management in consideration of the following factors:

01-Business model and process changes: 

Technology has helped streamline organizational structure by connecting customers directly to production processes. In addition, the increasing deployment automation in business processes also changes the interaction and processes within the business.

HR professionals need to integrate personnel functions faster, direct combat with operational functions. The measurement software will notify the ineffective working status of the staff and the on-line personnel specialist will have to do something immediately to resolve the immediate situation.

02- Open organizational structure :

Technological changes have made the business model more open and shared than ever before. Manpower in the business will include a variety of types that are no longer just contracted staff. 

Due to the technology, The relationship between businesses and employees will change from a legally binding – contract to binding on a commitment to work performance and principles of work-sharing, profit sharing. 

The reason why enterprises can apply change models compared to the past is the technology that allows them to measure, calculate, and determine the specific contribution between businesses and employees in real-time. 

HR professionals who need to rethink human resource management include corporate employees and outside employees. 

03- Concentrating on groups of professional jobs with high added value:

The human resource evaluation will be much less administrative when there is Real-Time Performance Evaluation Software on smartphones. HR professionals will spend most of their time helping employees optimize and maximize their performance.

HR professionals need to self-study and upgrade job value themselves in preparation for major changes in the technology revolution.

04- Big data and quantification of HR work:

Not being measurable means not managing well. Quantifying all aspects of management is always the dream of business executives.

Big data and computer systems have made the dream of human resource management a reality. So far, human resource issues have been difficult to quantify through data such as employee engagement, ability to develop, and job satisfaction.

Now through big data and technology tools, we can digitize these problems. Through centralizing data on social networks, email exchange, intranet in the enterprise, KPI system, the enterprise has a data warehouse about employees.

On the basis of that data, businesses can use it to analyze and make judgments and forecasts about each individual employee.

Datacenter, analyzing, and offering personalized human resource solutions for each employee is the very near future of human resource work.

05- Artificial intelligence:

It can be said that artificial intelligence and big data are the perfect couples to completely change the picture of human resources.

Artificial intelligence applied with big data will replace human resources such as recruiting, evaluating, training, developing and engaging employees. 

For example, the AI ​​will automatically check and analyze to make a list of 5% of employees most likely to leave the job within the next 6 months and options for these employees. 

HR specialists will decide which option and how to implement it for each employee on this list. Artificial Intelligence AI can automatically analyze the operations of salespeople and make automated training recommendations so that trainers decide how to implement training programs in the business.

06- Labor Administration:

Human resource management in the 21st century will focus more on helping human resources in businesses

– Managing life balanced against the pressure of life

– Mental energy management

– Managing career help for employees to prepare for change with future career awakens. 

HR professionals must not only be responsible for human resources at work but also responsible for helping them in their everyday technology lives. 

07- Training and developing new working capacity:

Technologỵ changes the way individuals work and interact.

HR professionals should focus on and develop these new competency training programs for enterprise personnel.

The new capacity group consists of two small groups – one is the new competencies and the other includes the old but increasing importance in the future.

New competency groups include information management, relationship management, community management, use of assistive technology, access to ecosystem, and shared economic thinking.

Competent groups with increasing importance are innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, self-management, planning, and customer thinking. 

Samsung President said, “Change everything except your wife and children.”

HR professionals who need to understand technology have really started to change their HR jobs. The speed, intensity, and scope of the revolution will be huge and faster than other revolutions in the past.

The job is not naturally born and it is not natural to lose it just changes from one form to another. In all revolutions there will always be two groups – the first group understands and overcomes challenges and the second does not overtake and gather.

The changes have been made very clear, the problem of adapting to technology is in the hands and minds of the HR community.

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    David Allin
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