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Why Choose Payroll System with Biometrics Technology?

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Biometrics Payroll System Philippines makes it possible to overcome the constraints linked to badges (loss, theft, forgetfulness, deterioration, etc.) and brings great ease of use to employees as well as to Human Resources managers.

-Faster return on investment (no badge purchases)

-Centralization of enrollment

-Data security (encryption of biometric fingerprints)

-Reduced risk of identity forgery

WYS ERP Hr Software’s biometric Payroll system Philippines is compatible with access control solutions.

Biometric technology uses fingerprint recognition, which is unique to each individual and which maintains the same shape throughout life.

The use of biometric access control solutions makes it possible to reinforce the level of security of access to your premises.

Indeed, the risks of access badge theft or identity falsification are non-existent with a biometric access control solution. Thus, Biometric Payroll System offers you convenience and security.

How does it work?


Place your finger on the biometric device. It identifies unique points of your fingerprint that it compares to the “biometric template” created when you registered in the system. Two readers can also be used to manage to punch in and out.


By placing your finger on the biometric reader, you point in or out for the day. The Liguard control unit communicates to the reader if your fingerprint is recognized and authorized to access. The Biometric Device then visually confirms the confirmed or denied access.


Your employees can see at a glance their working hours for the week. They can also request time off, request a meeting with a manager or human resources via the device. It is connected to the Biometrics Payroll software by cable.


All events are recorded in the Biometrics Payroll software. Detailed reports can be generated on hours worked, absences, and exceptions. The software can be accessed locally or through a network connection. It offers flexibility and control.

Save management time and hours and simplify your payroll procedures using Biometric Payroll Management software, ideal for companies with 5 to 200 employees

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